50 New Recipes I tried this year

As I was adding the final pictures to this post, I realized that I left off quite a few new recipes I made. I was terrible with keeping track, but nevertheless, I got it done. As you will notice, I was also terrible at taking pictures, though I did get some. I was much better about posting on my IG story. And unfortunately, I feel like I can’t find all the ones I did take! Haha. This year has just gotten away from me… However, I promise that my short review of the recipe is accurate. I hope you will find some recipes in here to add to your family dinner rotation!

  1. Ranch Pork Roast: I have been on a ranch kick when I found yet another way to use their dry-packets. So good and so easy! This recipe was actually for pork chops, but I had a pork roast thawed. I later made these with pork chops and it was still just as good.

2. Mexican Zucchini Burrito Boats: These were quite delicious! This recipe made a lot of filling so this ended up more like a casserole. Not that is affected the taste. I originally thought this recipe called for chicken. I think I might try adding some next time though.

3. Zucchini Pasta Lasagna: Next to broccoli, zucchini tops the list as my favorite vegetable and this zucchini recipe did not disappoint! I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (so I didn’t cook the zucchini before hand) which made caused it to be liquid-y. Didn’t affect the dish in my opinion. This one gets an A+ in our books.033.jpg

4. Steak Fajita with Cauliflower Tortilla: I really liked these! I’m sure they’re not for everyone and they don’t work like a regular tortilla, but I loved the combination of foods together.

5. Broccoli and Cheddar Soup (Panera Copycat): Every time I go to Panera for lunch/dinner I always get their broccoli and cheddar soup regardless of the temperature outside. I finally decided to give this copycat recipe a try. While it wasn’t perfect, it was still tasty and satisfied my craving.


6. Bacon, Shrimp, & Corn Chowder: Not sure I was going to feel about this one, but it was absolutely delicious!

7. Rosemary Cream Pork Chops: This one was super easy and simple to make. It’s a great way to flavor your typical bland pork chops.

8. Oatmeal Flax Blueberry Muffins: If you missed my post on improving my fruit & veggie intake, then you missed this awesome recipe…so here it is again.  And oh yeah… I love muffins.

9. Broccoli Tots: I’ve shared this recipe before. If it haven’t tried it yet, you really need to! I swear it’s worth it. I bought a frozen version as I was short on time one day…they were nowhere near as good as these homemade ones.

10. Double Chocolate Avocado and Zucchini Muffins: These ended up looking like brownies because the texture of the batter wasn’t good for muffins. However, after baking, they were nice and fluffy… and guilt free!Capture.PNG

11. Chicken Madeira: I thoroughly enjoyed this recipe. Jason doesn’t like mushrooms, so I have to sneak them in where I can.

12. Chicken Philly Cheesesteak: I’ve made traditional Philly Cheesesteaks before, but this chicken version was a nice change. We put the chicken on a club roll, but this would have tasted great by itself (as the recipe says).

13. Sriracha Chicken: Jason and I really don’t like spicy food. However, we both thought this was just enough spice without being overwhelming.

14. Bang Bang Shrimp: We absolutely LOVE this dish! You must try it for yourself!

15. Spicy Black Bean Nachos: These spicy black bean nachos weren’t overly spicy, but rather a great way to switch up nacho night. I used blue corn tortilla chips which also added tons of flavor to the dish!img_1169.jpg

16. Sweet Potato Muffins: Holy yum! These were soooooo good. The texture was not what I expected. These muffins melted in your mouth, leaving it full of flavor.


005.jpg17. 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Banana Cookies: PB2 is my new found love. What better way for us to enjoy peanut cookies that are only 50 calories!! Of course, I added chocolate chips, but those calories don’t count… right?!

18. Sweet & Sour Chicken: I normally am terrible at frying food and it’s usually so unhealthy I rarely make it. However, this recipe was so easy and I didn’t feel like I was eating grease. The recipe tasted like something you would get from a restaurant. I was very impressed!

19. Broccoli Nachos: These don’t have the crunch that normal tortilla chips do, but they added a new level of flavor to nachos that was irresistible!


18. Peach & Mustard Glaze Pork Chops: I must admit this was not my favorite flavor combination, but I know it is for many people. If your like the ingredients in this recipe, then I think you will like it. The bruschetta/Asiago asparagus I served with it were delicious though!

19. Creamy Bacon Mushroom Thyme Chicken: This reminded be of the Chicken Madeira dish I mention above, without the asparagus of course. Using bacon with fresh thyme is a dream in heaven.

20. Creamy Salmon Piccata: I don’t typically think of mixing dairy with salmon, but I enjoyed this combination.

21. Zucchini Hushpuppies: I loveeee hushpuppies. They’re not the healthiest food item so I decided to try a version with veggies in order to make myself feel better. These weren’t as good as hushpuppies, but they were decent.


22. Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon: If you asked my mother if she ever thought I would eat brussel sprouts, I can guarantee her answer would be no! And honestly, I was skeptical to try them again since I’m not a cabbage fan. However, this recipe brings out the delicious flavor that brussel sprouts possess… this recipe is not your typical stinky, limp BS.  I’m telling you, so good! We liked these so much, I started making brussel sprouts more often.

23. Oven Baked Beet Chips: I’ve made this recipe at least two more times, since writing this. We found that we had to cut the beets a little thicker to get the texture we wanted. These are like lays chips- you can’t just eat one!

24. Jalepeno & Cheddar Cauliflower Muffins: Give me all things cauliflower (which I used to hate by the way). These muffins are a perfect substitute for cornbread.


25. Fruit & Spinach Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing: This dressing is absolutely delicious. Much better than the pre-made stuff you buy at the store.


26. Greek Burgers with Spinach, Feta, and Sun-dried Tomatoes: I never thought I would like feta in a burger, but it really is delicious. I never finish a regular beef burger. However, I gobbled this version up! I made a similar version with ground chicken. It was even better!

27. Baked & Spicy Oregano Turnip Fries: Turnip fries are a great alternative to potato fries. And I found these just as tasty.


28. Red Lentil Dahl: Ugh… was’t my fave. The texture of lentils throws me off. But Jason seemed to think this dish was okay.

29. Zucchini Muffins: Anything zucchini is my favorite. I’m really sad I don’t have a picture of these because they were really good.

30. Chocolate Zucchini Smoothie: This was really good until the end where I got bits of texture from the zucchini that were not quite right.

1890.JPG31. Roasted Carrots With Turmeric and Cumin: I added green beans into this as well. This was a great alternative to roasting carrots in the oven.

32. Turnip Au Gratin: I didn’t bake these long enough, but if I had, I don’t think you would have been able to tell the difference.

33. Chicken Souvlaki: Eh… it was okay. We didn’t get to grill because of the weather so I put them in a frying pan. Normally when I do this, the chicken still turns out well. This felt a little dry.

34. Veggie Lo Mein: Jason and I are not big fans of Chinese food. Literally the only thing I like is lo mein and those sugary coated donuts. Personally, Jason and I like this better than what we’ve ever had from a Chinese restaurant.


35. Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers: Peppers (of any kind) make a great substitute

for anything that typically requires a bun.

36. Baked Bell Pepper Tacos: See above! Yeah, I love bell peppers. Red peppers work too!

37. Cucumber Dill Salmon: The cucumber and dill added a freshness to the dish. Perfect for this summer heat!107.jpg



38. Greek Chicken Burgers: This might be the best burger I’ve ever had. And I’ve had some pretty good burgers.

39. Salsa Fresca Chicken: This wasn’t my favorite, although I did like it better than I thought I would. The topping seemed odd to me.

40. Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala Meatballs: Jason 7 I are OBSESSED with these y’all! Oh so good. Such a fun way to change up the traditional version.



41. The BEST Pasta Salad: This is the name of the recipe. I personally did not think it was THE BEST, but it was PRETTY GOOD. 🙂

42. Loaded Veggie Quesadillas: I’ve made a couple versions of this before. This version did not disappoint. I love sweet potatoes in quesadillas/tortillas.  It seems a weird, but it’s really good!

42. Chicken Avocado Burger: I didn’t think these had a ton of flavor. The avocado gave the burgers a weird texture that I felt didn’t work together.



43. Creamy Avocado & Spinach Pasta: I used zucchini noodles instead of traditional pasta. I liked the sauce, it wasn’t my favorite. I like to changes things up and this sauce did just that!

44. Blueberry Lemon Curd Cupcakes: The cake and curd part of these cupcakes were delicious! Making the curd was super fun because I made my own double broiler. Unfortunately, I could not get my buttercream to do quite right. However, it still tasted good so that’s all that matters.

45. Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes: I made the blueberry ones first to practice making filled cupcakes so that I could make these for my parents birthdays. These were soooooo good. You could eat the cream filling by itself. I learned some techniques for making buttercream so my cream turned out much better! These were gone in no time.img_1092.jpg


46. Edible Cookie Dough: Every girl loves to eat cookie dough, however, we’re always encouraged not to eat raw cookie dough because of raw eggs. You can eat this recipe guilt free and it satisfies your sweet tooth craving. I promise you won’t regret trying this one!


47. Cheesy Mini Potato Gratin Stacks: I could have sworn I took a picture of these the other night! They were really easy to make and made us feel fancy! They’re basically stacked scalloped potatoes.

48. Creamy Tomato Basil Meatballs: I was unsure of these at first, but they were surprisingly good with the sauce and pasta mixed together.


50. Beef Curry: I made this dish for tonight’s dinner. I’d been wanting to make it for a while, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. I love Indian spices such as curry and garam masala. These spices bring such life to dishes. And of course, I served it with naan.



Author: ccd296

I'm a graduate of Virginia Tech with my degree in Animal and Poultry Sciences and a Masters in Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education. They were both put to good use as I was an animal science teacher for four years. I then transitioned into the role of a 4-H Agent and now serve the youth of the county in which I live. As a small-town girl now living in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, I'm just trying to figure out how to manage the balancing act called life. I live with my husband and our 4 fur babies. We love adventuring new places together, especially those that involve food. My quest to try to recipes/foods is never ending.

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